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A great evening of playing Age of Sigmar today…unless you were Kharadon that is!


In the battle of the Fetid Swamp, the Orruks successfully ambushed the Khorne warband and killed almost all of them. The Orruks have returned to their swamp, loaded down with lots of new skulls and other body parts with which to adorn their lair.


At Elheim, the Ossiarch Bonereapers collected their tithe of bones, skewering many Skaven in the process. The Rat Ogres were tough though. Zneel Lowripper scampered off into the darkness leaving the Bonereapers to their grim task of stripping the bones of the dead.


At the Kharadon trading post, the Chaos onslaught was too much for the Kharadon to hold off…the Chaos demons slaughtered the Kharadons mercilessly.


A fine evening of gaming, Andy, Steve, Simon, Martin, Billy, and Bertie.

The Rune Sword War continues…

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