Zulu 1817

A hypothetical encounter set in 1817 after the end of the Napoleonic wars. Remnants of the imperial army along with their families spread across the globe to escape punishment and oppression.

A large number that settled in Africa migrated south and hatched a plan to revive the Empire in India under the Emperor.

Having escaped St. Helena and landing in west Africa Napoleon and elements of the army reassemble with recruited Zulu Impi and march on Port Natal. This is to establish a base and fleet in order to depart for the Indian continent.

In their way was a small naval detachment that built impromptu defences and sent word requesting help. As the French were completing their preparations for the assault, pickets warned of a large relief force made up of local tribes and units of the British Army.

The Zulu tried as hard as they could but they found charging Royal Marines in defences an impossible task, they even tried using traded muskets to subdue the Marines but to no avail. The British launched an assault on the prepared French only for the Grenadier Guards to break and run shouting “Tiffin anyone?” The artillery on both sides couldn’t hit a barndoor from the inside and the French Dragoons rode up to the Hussars, gave them a slap and then retired for a nap in the shade.

Honours go to the Hottentots who sneaked out of the port and promptly charged the unsuspecting Zulu in the flank making them reassess the deal with the French, then running away.

British Airborne v Waffen SS

The British had a good game moving decisively and swiftly around the battlefield - this enabled them to secure more objectives and hold off the Germans… This giving the British a major win.

Well done Henry.

Russians V Germans

One of the other games today was another Bolt Action tournament game… This seeing Andy’s Russians playing against Martin’s Germans.

The Russians took first blood and initially took much of the farm - but the Germans eventually brought their firepower into close range which enabled them to inflict heavy casualties in the Russkies. Germans brought in a minor victory as a result of the losses they caused.

Well played Martin.

United States V Fallschirmjager

Today saw Mark’s first outing for his WW2 Americans, facing off against a platoon of German paras in Bolt Action. The Yanks dominated the game and secured the middle ground from which they pulverised the Germans.

A good win for the Americans.