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An impressive set of Fantasy games played at the “Friday” Club this evening….one game played with Age of Sigmar rules and the other played with Age of Fantasy rules.

The AoS game was a chaotic (literally) battle between the Slaves of Darkness and the followers of Khorne, amongst the ruins. Khorne, with support from the daemons of the void, overcame the warriors fighting for the Slaves.

Our other game was another try out of the “one page rule” system and had the Sylvaneth stepping in to stop an Ogre raid into the woodland realm. Ogres wasted no time and charged into the Sylvaneth turning many of the Dryads into matchwood! The Ofre clan leader was impetuous and led from the front but was quickly cut down. The Sylvaneth leader fled the battlefield later in the battle leading the final deciding fight being found between an Ancient Tree Lord and a lone Ogre (who resembled Telly Savalas) …. the Ogre fought bravely but got hammered into the ground like a large tent peg. Win for the Sylvaneth.

Great games.

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