6mm Flames of War

Today’s large 6mm Flames of War game replayed Operation Spring Awakening in March 1945. The Soviet counter thrust pushed back against the SS 6th Panzer Army in the Lake Balaton area.

The Soviet forces under Simon, Mark, Joe and Mike pushed forward but perhaps were a little hesitant in areas... this allowed the Germans, under Ray, Martin, Keith and Dave to quickly push reserves into the front line which enabled them to hold key areas. A particularly vicious fight took place near the outer most farm on the German right flank... this cost both sides dearly but the Russians could afford the losses and ended up taking the German strongpoint at bayonet point.

Despite a tremendous weight of Soviet artillery bombardments, the Germans played a good defensive battle held the ground long enough to win the day. Well fought Germans.

And a big welcome to all our new Club members ....it was great to see you at today’s game and hope you enjoyed it.

28mm Bolt Action

Our Bolt Action tournament kicked off today with Game 1 - this scenario was “The Farm” and saw British Paras, under the command of Adam and Steve, playing against an under strength German Fallschirmjager, under Nigel and Jean’s control.

The game looked good ....it was a tough fight but resulted in an official Draw under our tournament victory conditions, albeit the British scored slightly more than the Germans. A well-played game.

The remainder of the round one games are scheduled for 1st December.