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The Runesword War continued at tonight’s session...

The Ossiarch Bonereapers fought the new invading Nurgle army to a win on the Plains of Echelron. It was a bone shattering battle, but the Bonereapers held the field.

In the Fetid Swamp the Orruks are feasting well after annihilating the Chaos incursion - by holding the swamp the Orruks have inadvertently stalled the advance of Chaos.

And the Kharadron launched their devastating raid on the unsuspecting Tzeentch army… but despite inflicting big casualties on this Chaos army, thee Kharadron couldn’t hold the field and had to retire back into the clouds.


A great set of games for Sigmar Friday …thanks to all who came along. And great to see Scott showing us that massive dragon. I don’t fancy coming up against that!

The Rune Sword War continues…

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