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A great Age of Sigmar Friday evening (using the One Page Rules fantasy rules) ...three games using 1,000point armies. 


The first game saw Simon's Seraphon army attempt to clear Martin's Skaven horde out of the ruins of the ancient city which they'd infested. The Skaven didn't hesitate in scampering straight out into the daylight to fight, which the Seraphon were all too happy to accommodate! An epic fight ensued in the centre of the ruined city where lizard and rodent guts were spilled with vigour. The Seraphon Carnosaur met the Skaven Abomination in an epic battle...the Abomination being dispatched back to the Underworld...this left the Carnosaur to wreak havoc amongst the remaining Skaven. Eventually the Skaven scampered back into their dark sewers.


Our second game had the Ogor Mawtribes also trying to push another Skaven horde away from the Ogor's revered temple. The Ogors were accompanied by a pack of Yhetees. The Skaven brought out their Warp Canon and their Warplock sniper teams. The Skaven quickly infested the ruined village buildings but the Ogors did not hesitate in advancing...the Skaven ranged weapons proved unusually inaccurate and poor shots, much to the Ogors' delight! The Ogors charged on their right flank and quickly cleared out the Skaven Warpcanon in short order - this then allowed the Ogors to swing to their left to deal with the remaining Skaven. Despite the Skaven snipers, who again proved to be rubbish shots (perhaps the setting sun was blinding their aim!) the Ogors moved fast and relatively untouched into combat. The Skaven were chopped up by the Ogors before the rodents had time to inflict any level of significant damage. As the sun started to set in the western horizon it was clearly time for the remaining Skaven to sneak away.

The last game saw the Slaves to Darkness army clash with an incursion of Tzeentch forces. The battle site was the ruined frontier fortress. The Slaves army moved swiftly to dominate the battlefield's centre ...Tzeentch struck quickly and strongly but despite their magical power, the Slaves army slowly wore down the Tzeentch and started to isolate individual units. The Slaves' Vortex Beast dominated everything that it met but eventually found itself isolated and too far away from the remaining battle to make a difference...a close games but a win for the Slaves.

The One Page Rules played really well and still retain the flavour of the Age of Sigmar. 

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