Indochina 1951

We had a foray into the French Indochina War today at the Club - its 1951 and the French were tasked with clearing the Black River crossings of Viet Minh.

The French initially advanced along the two primary tracks approaching the Black River crossings… the French (under Steve) approached the village of Vinh Yan but were quickly ambushed by guerrillas firing from the outskirts of the village. The guerrillas held the French forces back for much of the game - eventually the French brought their infantry up and with mortar and tank fire had started to force the guerrillas back.

On the other axis, the French forces led by Martin pushed ahead and crossed the Black River… they were on the outskirts of the village of Ban Thout and were ambushed by well-placed Viet Minh troops. An initial bazooka round took out the leading French Stuart tank ...the French were caught in a narrow track between two paddy fields which hampered the French deploying their armoured units. French took quite a few casualties until an artillery strike was called in which shattered the Viet Minh. However, the French had to withdraw.

A good victory for the Viet Minh.

Bolt Action - United States (Mark) V Germans (David)

Today’s Bolt Action tournament game saw the Americans (Mark’s new army) playing against the Germans (led by David).

Both sides started off by getting a hedgerow position secured and then the Germans struck well taking out the US Sherman and their jeep. The battle swung towards the Germans but then the Americans took a well-aimed shot and destroyed the German Panzer IV.

The game played well and ended as a minor win for the Germans - both sides had equal objectives, but the Germans destroyed more US units.

Well played both.