Revenge of the 5th

The clubs first theme day today. The idea being that the 4th of May is international Star Wars day and seeing as the meeting was on the "5th" we took the theme from the film title "Revenge of the Sith".


The games played were all Star Wars connected, a typical "X-Wing" game was present and "Cruel Seas" was used to create a WW2 naval version of the famous trench run in the Death Star at the end of "A New Hope!"

In X-Wing we saw the Rebel Alliance trying to escort their transport away from Hoth. Imperial fighters alongside a bounty hunter were unsuccessful in their attempts to halt the Rebels, getting themselves blown apart! With the exception of Will’s Tie fighters which (through some dodgy orders) turned around and flew off the board! The Rebels had it today .....well done Steve, Daniel and Andy. Commiserations to the Imperial players that were Will, Adam and Matthew. Thanks also to Will for bringing along some of the figures.

For Cruel Seas the Kriegsmarine destroyer was undergoing extensive repairs for battle damage and was moored against the end of the Fjord. Royal Navy coastal forces decided that the evil forces needed to be destroyed so MTBs were dispatched to sink her at all costs. The action was fast and furious with HMS Falcon commanded by Capt Martin Solo blowing everything out of the water he took aim at. Two of the defending E-boats were blown to kingdom come and MTB Commander Skywalker hitting and sinking the KMS Todesstern with two torpedoes. Konteradmiral Tarkin went down with the destroyer and Kommodore Vader was seen leaving the scene at full speed in his E-Boat! Many thanks to Ray and Ian for helping with the scenery and congrats to the winning team of Martin, Mike and Ray. Better luck next time to Jean and Ian.