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Today is the anniversary of D-Day... 6th June 1944. The club dedicated the session to Normandy themed WW2 games. 

Flames Of War in 15mm "Notfallkampfgruppe"

Ray’s “scratch” force of Germans pulled together to stop the Allied advance, run by Simon.

A game with plenty of action throughout as the Allied forces attempted to dislodge the Germans from the town.

Flames Of War in 15mm "Northwest of Caen"

This game was between Andy and Dave with Dave taking the command of the Canadians. The game was set in the countryside to the Northwest of Caen on the days immediately following 6th June.


This meeting engagement swing back and forth with the village being mostly held by the Germans. But by nightfall both sides still had substantial forces still available. The war in this part of Normandy still had many more weeks of hard fighting ahead!

A good game with David doing well in his first game of Flames of War.

Bolt Action in 15mm "Operation Cobra"

Mark played the US forces with Martin taking the Germans. "Operation Cobra" was the US assault to breakout from the Normandy salient and drive the Germans back towards the Rhine.


The US forces won this game with a clear vicrtory.

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