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Phew…it was another really warm day today. But great to see everyone at the Club despite being well into holiday season.

We have a great playtest of the War of the World game today… it was good to try it out although the Martians are going to be tough to beat!

We also have a massive WH40k game with a table chock full of fantastically painted miniatures.

There was a Bolt Action tournament game played out between David’s Germans and Mark’s US army… it was a slug fest centred on the village, but the Germans pushed into the US controlled area and carried the day.

Another game of SAGA played out between Vikings and Saxons. In the game of SAGA today the Viking invasion force was meet in a small clearing in the middle of an abandoned settlement by a similarly sized Anglo-Danes contingent. Both forces were led by stout hearted warriors and with the field of battle favouring nether side after a great clashing noise upon their shields the battle was joined.

The Viking berserkers quickly Showing the Anglo-Danes the folly of closing the gap between the forces to quickly and launched a vicious assault upon them and after the bloody melee of their berserk fury only three terrified Anglo-Danes remained out of their original party of eight, with the lone berserker heading back towards his own lines loot in hand.

The remaining battle unfolded with small feints and clashes from both sides with each side losing men but remaining in battle, the Anglo-Dane warlord managing to launch his assault upon a small group of Vikings and with his warrior’s prowess cut them down from eight men to four with little detriment to himself, aside from needing to take a breather...

The final outcome of the battle after much toing and froing was that both sides had the same number of warriors remaining in battle but that the Viking's had managed to defeat the Anglo-Danes with a minor victory and forcing them back to their stronghold from whence they came.

A fantastic, easy going gaming session…

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