Pea Ridge

The big game today was the American Civil War battle of Pea Ridge… for the historical interest, it was fought in 1862 on this very day!

The game played out well (unless you were on the Confederate side). The Confederates vastly outnumbered the Union forces at the start of the battle and had the objective of destroying the Union army. The Union forces just needed to preserve their forces and stop the Rebels from  advancing… but once the early morning mist lifted, a blunder by the Confederate General resulted in the whole left wing of the Rebel army getting orders to withdraw away from the battle (this was about 7,000 men lost straight away). This then somewhat evened out the two armies and then both sides advanced into the open fields.

The Rebels were stacked up in depth but couldn’t bring their weight of fire to bear - the Union forces spread themselves thin but maximised their firepower.

By the end of the day the Federal line was ragged but was holding - large gaps had appeared but they desperately held. The Rebel wings had fought a tough battle and the Rebel centre looked strong… but they didn’t crack the Union line. A well fought win for the Union against a much larger force.

Historically, it’s interesting to note that the Union won it as well!

A great game played with Simon, Steve, Jean and Will being Confederates and Steve, Martin, Ian and Nigel playing the Union.


Bolt Action

We had multiple games of WW2 Bolt Action at the Club with Henry, Mark, David, Adam and Darrell all involved.

Both games looked great.

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