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Napoleonic battle between the Austrians and French… and a World WR 3 battle in West Germany between NATO and Warsaw pact.

The Battle of Stoke Magna was in 6mm using Hail Caesar rules.

The Lancastrians held the town and Abbey and saw the Yorkist army advance along a wide front. Yorkist troops had initial difficulty crossing the brook but eventually were able to push the Lancastrian line back. A win for the House of York. Game was with Ray commanding the Lancastrians and Nigel and Jean commanding the Yorkists.

The 28mm Napoleonic game objective was to secure the bridge. Both Austrians and French faced off across the river, but it was the Austrians who boldly charged a cavalry unit across the bridge.


A hard days pounding but the Austrians won the day. Ron commanded the French with Martin and Mark running the Austrians.