Franco Prussian to WW2

A really good Franco-PrussianWar battle today at the club, 6mm on a large scale. We refought the historical battle of "Vionville & Mars La Tour".

Myself and Nigel were the Prussians/Bavarians and deployed straight against a load of French (led by Jean, Ian and Simon) in well established positions! We got an initial battering from the French centre and was enfiladed by the French left wing which caused more than a few casualties... but as our Prussian artillery came into firing positions we started to dish it back out. The Prussians managed to cripple the French cavalry right wing and were starting to pour in reinforcements to support the centre. The Prussians fixed bayonets and charged... we even had a cavalry charge against the French guns and overran them!

We ran out of time to finish this battle and although the French had inflicted heavy casualties on the Prussian centre, the huge Prussian flank division was starting to make itself count. If the Prussian centre could hold then the reinforcements would start to count and they would win. However, if the French punched through then they would roll up the Prussian line.

An interesting and great game kindly organised by Ray. Would have been interesting to see what way the battle would swing, if we had a few more hours. Nevertheless a great game.

We had another refight of WW2 in Normandy in 28mm Boot Action. The Germans were up against the British infantry and paratroopers.

Lots of casualties once again although the German shooting was a bit off - they held the hedge line but were unable to dish out that decisive blow to the British.

A great game courtesy of Martin