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A great afternoon at the Club today… thanks to everyone who came along.

The Bolt Action game was another good clash - amongst the sleepy rural Normandy countryside the Germans and US Airborne met in a maelstrom of WW2 combat. The German infantry and US Airborne each took the measure of each other as each force held a centre anchor point. They each tried to force their opponents right flank to gain the upper hand.

However, an early German mortar hit decimated the US right side Squad, stalling the advance, resulting in a slow more methodical approach to deal with the other infantry's squads. Sniper teams on both sides were on the prowl with the German sniper laying waste to the US mortar and the Airborne sniper seeing off his German counterpart.

With the US Airborne suffering early on they managed to narrowly snatch a draw from the jaws of defeat by forcing the inexperienced German mortar off the table. Result - A Well fought Draw.

Lots of mixed dice results defeating good tactics on both sides, however overall, a great game played.

The WW2 Blitzkrieg Commander game saw some heavy combat over a small Italian village. The Germans moved up to secure the village whilst another German panzer grenadier unit secure the flank…the British were slow and blundered in their attacks whilst the New Zealanders resorted to shelling the village with the 25pdr artillery support. Germans were under strain from the combined arms assaults and were not able to hold for too long. A great battle to play out.

The other table saw a great looking Samurai Test of Honour game… a great try out of these skirmish rules with great figures and scenery.


And the last game saw an epic battle in the Great Norther War… fantastic looking vast armies clashed for mastery of the battlefield. A great looking game.

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