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On behalf of Martin, David, Simon, and I thanks to everyone who attended our Annual Meeting - it was good to talk through where our Club is, where we are going and elicit useful feedback on issues. It was great to consult on matters and give you all visibility of how the Club runs... You have also given us a good steer on some matters.



The Club also played some great games this afternoon…

Our first game was a 6mm Arab/Israeli War… The Israelis held a series of ridges in the Sinai and dug in to hold off the Egyptian armoured brigade advance. The Egyptian tanks advanced with pace against the primary Israeli ridge position and then engaged in a costly exchange of fire, whilst the remainder of the Egyptian tanks and infantry commenced a swing along the right creating a flank drive. The Egyptians captured the town quickly and successfully worked around the Israeli flank which unhinged the primary defence position. At this point the Israelis were forced into manoeuvring out of their dug in positions which started to even out the battle. An Egyptian win.

The second game was a 40k battle with Marines facing a Tyranid horde (Tyranids always have a horde!). The Tyranids quickly disabled the Marine Dreadnought with a "one shot" and then stormed through the centre to take the claws and teeth direct to the Marines. The Marines gunned a few but could not hold the hive back and were soon overrun. Tyranids once again feast on the remains.

Another table tried a gang war game using the GrimDark OPS rules system…. feedback from the guys playing was good and the rules appeared slick and easy enough to play but complex enough to put some challenges in how to win. This offers a good playable ruleset for the future.


Lastly there was the 28mm Battle of Salamanca. The French facing the British / Portuguese armies. A lot of bold movement was on display by the generals and a series of blunders really knackered the French side. The French cavalry brigade muddled up their orders and retreated en masse (nice use of French, eh?) off the battlefield. Later in the game the overall French commander chose the same action and left the remains of the French army to try and hold off the British on their own…it did not work. A good British/Portuguese win.

Fantastic games.

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