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For our inaugural Battletech game with Russell (Clan), Simon (IS) and Steven Smith (IS). We had 2 Inner Sphere (IS) Mercenary Lances and a Clan Snow Raven Star, each tasked to locate and secure a downed helo.

Each force assessing the strength of the others at long range, not scoring any hits. As we slowly advanced into a more optimal firing range for a change in fortune.

Clan Snow Raven shifted right, to keep my lance at long range and to probe Simon’s flank sending shots his way. Simon sent his Hunchback in close, trading shots and damaged the Stormcrow (Ryoken) but paid the ultimate price.

Meanwhile Steven sent a lone Locust to probe Simon’s other flank, as the lances traded shots the Locust and Simons Phoenix Hawk and Panther sustained considerable damage, unable to finish each other off.

As the range reduced landed shots increased, Steven lost his Locust to Simon’s attack and was able to get Steven's Archer in a position to destroy the Stormcrow (Ryoken), taking heavy damage on the Archer and Shadow Hawk.


Russell closed the distance on my Archer with his Cauldron-Born (Ebon Jaguar) and Summoner (Thor) trading shots with none hitting, Simon stayed at medium range landing some sniping shots.

In the final throws of the game, Steven lost the Archer and Shadow Hawk, Russell lost his Cauldron-Born (Ebon Jaguar) and Summoner (Thor). Steven's Wolverine was harassed off the field by the Panther and Phoenix Hawk, with Simon taking the win securing the objective taking no damage on his Marauder.

A good first game

Tough fight between out numbered French division and the Austrians

Good scrap after insidious Genestealer cults popped up on a world the Black Legion we’re having a wander about on. Turned out they brought their parents too in the form of some Pure strain Genestealers, the Patriach of said Genestealers, a floating mind animal and this big Trygon.

Not one to be phased the Lord decided he’d let the Trygon try its best and swing first and swing it did… smashing the building up as can be seen but nothing hit the lord. Bored with the fight the Lord beats up the big Wyrm and boasts to Slaanesh for a touch too long as this gave the pack of Genestealers (who had torn apart the squad of chaos marines in the background with the greatest of ease) the opportunity to spring round and put an end to the Lord’s self-aggrandising blissful oratory.

Good game so thanks for that. No doubt we’ll be back on the tabletop soon. The Magus was more scared of his allies than the Legion ha-ha

The last was a test game of Altar of Freedom using the Battle of Seven Pines, Battle of Fairs Oak or Battle of Fairs Oak Station depending on which side you're on. An interesting set of very fast play rules that allows a fairly large battle to be completed in the average gaming session.

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