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Another great game at the Club today …an excursion into the 1960’s jungles of South Vietnam this time.


Ray, Mark and Simon took the role of running the US forces with Martin and Ron playing the Viet Cong/North Vietnamese. I took the Umpire duties for this one.


The US forces had the objective of securing the hamlet of Na Trang which intelligence had believed was held by the HQ of the local NVA regiment - capturing the HQ would be a major victory for the US.


Early morning mist was disturbed by helicopter rotors as the Huey’s brought the initial US forces into the designated LZ. The helicoptered troops deployed quickly from their helicopters and immediately dug in to secure the LZ. A thin perimeter was established …but soon the inevitable assault of the NVA commenced with local Viet Cong also springing into action.


Within hours the perimeter was strained under the continued AK47 fire from the surrounding jungle. A few American casualties were incurred but these were quickly helicoptered out.


As the American perimeter started to be squeezed and started to contract, the next flight of Huey’s dropped int some more valuable reinforcements. Although they were not taking big casualties, they were very outnumbered.


One US platoon was pushed east to the riverbank and set up a firing line against two large NVA companies approaching the LZ. Firing continued and although the US held the LZ they were becoming increasingly boxed in. The US commander called in a napalm strike from a Navy Skyhawk and then dropped a 105-artillery strike on NVA troops on the treeline.

NVA recoilless rifles were set up and started pounding the LZ, but the US held their nerve.

Ultimately NVA heavy guns started to come into range and the LZ perimeter was starting to shrink. The outer US line was incurring increasing casualties which was keeping their medical team busy!


By the end of the game the NVA had won a tactical victory keeping the US confined to their LZ… but the US had a strategic victory through the huge losses they had inflicted on the NVA.

A great fun game… Thanks to everyone for taking part.

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