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Another set of fine-looking games at the Club today…. some 40k with Tau coming into conflict with the Tyranids…a large 28mm Napoleonic game with British and allies against the French…and some fine-looking games of 28mm SAGA with Vikings and Saxons coming to blows.

Great looking games.


SAGA: Viking Invasion - Anglo-Danes vs Anglo-Saxons.

Both sides arranged opposite each other on a diagonal field of battle, in what was a meeting engagement.

With both forces deployed the battle commenced with the Anglo-Danes quickly moving their full force down into the middle of an old Roman road, staying close together to be able to smash into the Anglo-Saxon line with full force, their archers slightly trailing at the back.

The Anglo-Saxons split their forces to try and encircle the Anglo-Danes, With the Warlord and his bodyguard going do the Right flank, some warriors on the left and some more warriors and hearth guard holding the centre.

With the warlords leading their respective forces from the front battle was soon joined with the Anglo-Saxon hearth guard smashing into some levies after taking some ineffectual bow fire. However, the unarmoured levies were able to decimate the heavily armoured guard due to their numbers and fantastic dice rolling.

The Anglo-Saxon Warlord enraged after witnessing his bodyguard shamed in battle tore through the levies reducing them to a man.

The left flanks on both sides stayed put for the most part as the centre lines clashed with the Anglo-Dane warlord and his bodyguard Axemen trading blows with the Anglo-Saxon warriors, surprising the warriors managed to hold their own, felling most of the axemen only to be in turn wiped out by the Danish warlord in later turns.

Finally on the left flank things got moving and the other unit of Anglo-Dane heath guard battled a unit of Anglo-Saxon warriors with both sides wiping each other out in a maelstrom of brutal melee combat.

With the Danish warlord destroying the last Anglo warriors in the centre of the table both sides took stock and with the same number of units wiped out the battle was deemed a draw and both sides returned to their encampments with their wounded.

Final result - Draw

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