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A very cold day today but a great selection of games put on by Club members.

We had a Battletech Alpha Strike clash between Inner Sphere and Clan mechs!The mechwarriors from Clan Snow Raven fought well across the green fields of the colony world and secured victory on the day against an untested inner sphere mechwarriors lance from House Kurita... however they didn't leave the battlefield without loses themselves. A hard fought game where the mechs made good use of the terrain to mask them, sometimes, from enemy fire. Clan Snow Raven will be celebrating long into the night!

There was a large 40k clash where the Tyranid horde fought against the forces of Chaos to pick over the ruined remnants s of the once vibrant and proud outer colony world city ...the Tyranids swept like a foul and vicious flood through the streets but were held in check by the opposing forces of Chaos.

Our third games was a SAGA of Vikings vs Saxon...both sides had steadied and readied themselves for the fight and eagerly met on the rolling fields of Northumbria. A bloody and decisive affair was had.

And our last game was a naval battle in the archipelago between the mighty Dwarven fleet and the rustbuckets of the invading Ork fleet. The Dwarven fleet sailed to meet the challenge and opened fire on the approaching Ork ships...the Dwarves sailing en masse to their left managed to, in short succession, capture two of the mighty Ork ships. The Dwarves chained the captured Orks and the treated them to a mug of rum and some clam chowder... before chucking them all overboard. The Ork fleet followed the Dwarven ships where both sides traded blows. Eventually an Ork and Dwarven ship engaged in a vicious side by side boarding action...the Dwarves were not happy with this and opened fire on both, only to end up sinking their own ship! But at least it wasn't captured! As the sun set both fleets departed back to their safe harbours.

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