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Another fantastic day at the Club today….it was really nice to welcome George, Russell, and Michael for their first time at the hall.

Our big game was our 40k battle within the Naxos IV outpost - it had me, Martin, Ron, David, Steve, George, Simon, and Becks. Quite rapidly, the Orcs joined forces against everyone else and tried to push into the hydroponics area of the outpost.


The Imperial Guard, Marines, Cultists and Tyranids broadly collaborated and between them chewed up a lot of Orcs. David surprised us by warping a bunch of Orcs into the rear of the Imperial Guard where they caused much mischief. And a lot of “smiting” went on.


My Primaris Marines shot nothing (couldn't even blow a door down), did nothing and stayed perfectly safe not having anyone killed either. Overall, Steve and Becks secured two victory points so were joint winners…with the Imperium and its Tyranid allies (?) coming out as winners. A crazy but fun game.

We have a great Bolt Action game between Will and Russell. The Germans and Americans both advanced into contact in the French village….


Some close quarter action ensued with the capturing of buildings playing a key role. The US sniper appeared to cause a few problems as well.

A very close game with the Germans earning a narrow win.