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28mm Warhammer 40K, 6mm Flames of War, 28mm Bolt Action

We had the Battle of Tyrus IV, in the universe of 40k. The Imperial Space Marines with T’au allies fought amongst the ruins against overwhelming numbers of Tyranids ….it was a fight to the death! The Tyranids overran the world but the T’au held out relying on their rail gun to obliterate any Tyranid behemoths.

Another 40k game saw the Tyranids take on the Ork empire amongst the snowy wastes of the polar ice cap, with some Chaos help. Orks appeared to get chewed up by a heavyweight Tyranid force.

A 6mm desert battle took place on one of the other tables seeing tanks and aircraft clash amongst the sand dunes.

Two Bolt Action tournament games were played …. Germans (Will) played US (Mark) which saw a tank heavy US force win the day. On the other table, another German (David) and Russell (US) fought amongst the vineyards …. lots of amour and airstrikes were in action across the board. It played out to a draw in the end.

Great games.

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