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Once again we had some excellent games at the Club today…


An epic Horus Heresy battle fought out between Marines in the congested ruins of the outer star systems…an especially good looking game with lots of hardware and lots of action throughout! The tank did an especially large amount oif damage!


In addition, we had a nice Punic Wars battle fought between the armies of Rome and the Carthaginians. Vicious fighting towards to end but a lot of hesitant moves in the early part meant this game was slow to get going and ended as a draw.


SAGA had a great outing with some more dry runs of the campaign that's being developed by some of our Club members. Great looking scenery does alot to create the right atmosphere and feel to the games.


…and the Battle of Brandywine Creek, which was fought on 11th September 1777 as part of the American War or Independence saw the immense firepower of the British Army held in check by the plucky American Continental Army - the Americans held the ford and managed to turn their right flank to also halt Cornwallis’ advance. An American win against what was arguably one of the best fighting forces in the world at that time. I think the British played a bit too timidly and failed to make their firepower felt.

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