War Of The Roses

Great battle of the Wars of the Roses today .... The Lancastrian army under the command of the Duke of Exeter faced off against the Duke of Norfolk’s Yorkist army.

The Yorkist right under the Earl of Rutland personally launched a strong attack through a farm which unexpectedly punched a hole through the Lancastrian pike men - an overconfident Rutland then found himself far ahead and cut off from his troops which gave the Lancastrians their moment. The Lancastrians took advantage and killed the Yorkist troops and captured the Earl of Rutland. Ruthlessly, the Lancastrian commander, the Duke of Exeter, wasted no time in unceremoniously hanging him from the nearest tree in the woods.

The battles in the centre continued and saw the bloodiest fighting with the battle swinging in favour of both sides over the course of the afternoon. The Yorkist right wing (without Rutland) was collapsing and the Yorkist centre was caving in under the relentless pressure from the Lancastrians.

Late afternoon saw both opposing Earls in the centre engaging in personal combat which resulted in the Lancastrian Earl of Shrewsbury being captured. The Yorkist forces promptly put him to the sword in retaliation for the earlier execution of Rutland.

By this time the Lancastrian right wing under the Earl of Wiltshire was in combat in the marshland with the Yorkist Duke of Norfolk - the Lancastrian Earl of Wiltshire became isolated in the marshlands and was also captured.

The Yorkist army had been on the point of defeat, but the sudden capturing of the Lancastrian Earls of Wiltshire and Shrewsbury swung the battle and snatched victory from near defeat for the Yorkist army.

The surviving Lancastrian, the Duke of Exeter, decided to withdraw back to the west country to rest his army.

A good win for the Yorkist forces and a great game using Hail Caesar rules.