Team Yankee "Syria" & "Car Wars"

Hi everyone.... a warm afternoon at the club so some suitably exotic games at today’s Club meet.

First, we had a game of Car Wars - a game of cars driving around crashing and shooting into each other. A bit like driving on the M25!

Our other game was a super modern American intervention in Syria - US forces tasked with capturing an oil refinery in Syria... but they had to do that before a UN imposed deadline.

American forces drove relentlessly forward but were held up in the town of Al Hasria and lost three Abrams tanks. The Syrian forces stayed put but paid the price in being wiped out. The last phase saw the US attacking the oil refinery and although the Americans drove forward, the Syrians held on to the deadline - they even shot down an American F-18!

So, although the US inflicted heavy casualties on the Syrians, the Syrians held the ground and inflicted an expensive level of casualties on the US. An interesting asymmetrical game.

Great games.