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Another set of great games played at the Club today…. a nice mix of different stuff.

First off, we had a Bloodbowl game seeing the Skaven play a friendly (?) against the Undead team. It would appear that the Undead boys won this one. Not sure it was that "friendly" either knowing Bloodbowl!

There was an epic Battletech game fought with loads of big stompy mechs. Lots of sparks flying on this one…there did not appear to be many left standing at the end!

Ray also put on a large Flames of War WW2 Eastern Front clash seeing lots of tanks slugging it out around a small Russian hamlet. A great looking game with 10mm figures.

And on the other table we played Spectre Operations which saw US State Swat team raid a cartel safehouse on the US/Mexico border. An epic shootout ensued which saw the cartel’s Mr Big shot although one of his henchmen made an epic getaway in a car. The last remaining cartel crony was apprehended by the Swat team. Overall, the Swat team did not do too well as the bad guy got away with the brief case…and most of the Swat would have been in body bags! An enquiry needed on this one!

A great afternoon of gaming.

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