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28mm Black Powder ACW

A good game of ACW took place with Martin and Mark taking the rebels against Ron and Ian with the Union... Opening rounds saw the union pressure the Jonny Reb lines but Mark’s dice held and slowly the game turned…


Confederate reinforcements arrived, and the game was over for the Union forces.

Warhammer 40,000 

A vanguard patrol of Black Templars were out for a walk on a sunny desert day. They approach an old outpost, and all seemed quiet……… and then it wasn’t!

To their left came an uncharacteristically non-horde like mob of mega beasts and to their right, cresting over a hill in the distance they saw the smoke plumes of cultist outriders and formations of heretical guardsmen sworn to follow their four armed “god.” Before they knew it, they were beset by the Tyranid leader beast and its leviathan support. Black Templar heroes, incarcerated in their dreadnought sarcophagi and others in the emperor’s finest battle armour rushed to stop the sudden assault. Alas this beast had the “I ignore all your rules” keywords and brushed them all aside.

Thinking themselves saved the cultists ran heartily towards their gods. Quickly it turned to horror as the other leader beast became intent on chopping them in twain. Help was at hand for the Templars eager to take the fight to the cultists. An Astartes drop pod streaked from the sky like a comet making a tremendous impact sending dust and sand high in the sky. Down ramps came the Astartes sure of their victory. This was extremely short lived as the cults Patriarch and its entire Genestealer cohort were woken up by the over-the-top entrance and ripped the squad to shreds and ignored the now useless piece of tech.

It didn’t end well at all for the forces of the emperor and the other emperor. Both forces ended up frantically throwing all their troops and armour away at unstoppable super bugs who feasted well that day.

Well, aside from that overtly dramatic storyline a good skirmish was had by Billy Aaron & George Nicholls. Not a friendly bunch those big Nids at all…….


Think a lascannon will be the order of the day if I hear of them coming again!

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