Bolt Action

A 28mm Bolt Action game set in Normandy... My new Germans (with Simon taking over the running for me) were up against Henry’s British Paratroopers.

It was a gritty “up close & personal” type game... The Germans advanced quickly into the sleepy French village, but the paras didn’t hold back in getting stuck in. The British led early on, but the Germans fought their way back into the game.... A British ill co-ordinated artillery strike resulted unfortunately in a moment of friendly fire, wiped out a whole squad of paras... I bet that won’t be in the Times! And the lone German officer came out winner in a personal combat with the British artillery spotter! That earns the German officer a close quarter combat badge!

A great looking game that used some of the Clubs fantastic new scenery. A great fun game.

War Of The Worlds - Bolt Action variant

Another of our games today was War of the Worlds - this game was a recreation of the little-known incident in April 1945 when the Martians invaded Southern Britain....thankfully the Brits were already on a war footing and sent in the troops in!

The Martian tripods went on the rampage causing havoc in the green and pleasant countryside... At one point some Martians were seen deploying on the ground. The British had a rough time of it though and were unable to stem the alien advance! Britain will regroup around London for a counter strike another day.

A great looking game in 28mm courtesy of Martin, using a variant of Bolt Action as the rules. Mark and Joe were playing Martians with Will and Steve commanding the British.

Seven Pines - Fire & Fury

Today we saw a refight of part of the Battle of Seven Pines, which was originally fought in the early summer of 1862 during the American Civil War.

A good game in 15mm using Fire & Fury which resulted in a win for the Confederates. The Federal forces were outnumbered but were not able to maximise their defences against the oncoming attack.

Nigel and Jean played Johnny Reb whilst Ian and David took the Yankee command. A great game and thanks for David for putting it on.