Ancients to WW2

We had some great games today at our Club... A mixture of Romans, World War 2 skirmish and playtesting World War 2 naval.

The first game, organised by Ray, saw me lead the Romans agsinst Simon’s Carthagian horde... It was officially a close game although it felt like my Romans got a right old kicking!

The second game, organised by Martin, was a big Bolt Action game... the Germans had a rough time against the British... Apparently not being able to hit the proverbial barn door!

The third game, run by Nigel, was a Cruel Seas game of British boats getting mostly blown out of the water by Germans. Not the best way of winning WW2 but the playtest went well.

Thanks everyone who came, played and ran the games.

We also had a really useful discussion on convention games that we plan on running. More detail on that in the coming months.