Festive Season Mega Game


19th December

Game system: Team Yankee

Scenario: WARPAC North front - Invasion of Denmark

Scale: 6mm

Denmark plan
Denmark invasion plan

It was a great end to 2021 with a load of us playing our Christmas 6mm Team Yankee mega game.

The game saw the Warsaw Pact forces pushing north into the Denmark peninsular. Danish forces held the key town of Kliplev withheld from the West Germans and US Marine reinforcements.


WarPac forces assaulted the NATO forces from all directions and pushed the NATO perimeter in - NATO air power slowed things and the late arrival of the British brought eventual stabilisation to the front.

The West Germans were severely battered, and the WarPac Polish contingent was completely wiped out. A hard-fought game but NATO held out. Denmark was littered with burning wrecks and rubble!

A fantastic game and thanks to everyone who joined in.