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We had a quieter session today as most people are away on holiday or with family. But it was a great Napoleonic themed Club today with a 28mm game between the French and Austrians… and then a large 6mm game set in the Peninsular fought between the Anglo Portuguese army and the French.

In the 28mm game, the French comprehensively outfought the Austrians and won that battle in relatively quick time.

The 6mm game saw the Anglo Portuguese army holding the ridgeline with the French trying to dislodge them. The French advanced in attack column on the left, captured the village in the centre and on the right, they pushed out their Hussars as a fast-moving sledgehammer. The British cavalry met the French cavalry and came off slightly better. The infantry battle on the left wing was a bloody draw out affair.

The British managed to hold the ridgeline.

Another great set of games that were really good to play.

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