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Team Yankee in 6mm scale "Advance on Hongerige Wolf". 

Well... The day started off well for the Dutch by knocking out a BMP-2 and a T-64 in the early hours before dawn and from then on it went downhill.

The Soviet armour surrounded Kostverloren cutting off any hope of escape and pounded the Dutch to pieces. Meanwhile further to the south the Afgansty were dropped into the rough ground and proceeded west to attack Honderige Wolf.

Neither side managed to inflict heavy loses on the other, the British 3rd Armoured was blocked from approaching from the South because of this. One unit of Scorpion light tanks did make it through but too little too late. The Dutch 43rd Mechanised was finished, but they held against superior forces for half a day.

The port to the west was later taken and the WARPAC forces denied NATO a supply route...

Here are some pictures of the other games played at the club including some from our Bolt Action tourney and a fine looking English Civil War game put on by David.

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