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Thanks to everyone who came along to the Club today… Some great multiplayer games were played.

Oil Wars

We had a 6mm Middle East desert war battle using Team Yankee ruleset…


Fought between the Iraq and Iran. The Iraqi forces began well by ambushing the Iranian scouting force of Scorpion tanks and getting equipment on hills to maximise firepower and push up with T72s, but... The Iranians used a combination of artillery with smoke rounds, Cobra attack helicopters and  tanks to push the Iraqis back...  The battle looked particularly bloody with the Iraqis having no firepower equivalent to the Iranian Chieftain tanks… Those Chieftain 120mm guns dominated the centre of the field. A win for Iran.

Another game saw a 28mm “tank heavy” Bolt Action game with German STUGs and a Jagdpanzer up against a US mixed armoured force.


Despite the US outnumbering the Germans and getting shots onto the Jagdpanzer they just couldn't take it out.


A draw in this game.