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Team Yankee in 6mm "Banana Republic"

A game of a US Marine invasion of a “banana republic” …  The US forces had to secure the airfield to pave the way for further US reinforcements.

The US M60’s took a hit when initially ambushed by the local militia forces fielding some Russian supplied tanks. An airstrike by US Marine Harriers was largely ineffective and resulted in one plane being shot down.

The US forces pushed forward and took out much of the militia armoured vehicles and APCs. The militia occupied the airport control tower and were subject to heavy gunfire from all directions.

Against overwhelming firepower, the militia were forced to surrender - although the control tower was largely a bullet ridden mess! A great game relearning how to play TY after such a long break.

Bolt Action in 28mm 

Our other 28mm game was a Bolt Action game between the Germans and the Belgians. The Belgians held the wooded high ground, with the Germans occupying the farm.

It looked like a tough game and the Belgians did well but were very slightly beaten by the Germans.