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Some fantastic games at the Club - we had two games which were the finals of our Bolt Action tournament, a 30k Horus Heresy game and a Kings of War battle between the Goblin horde army of Brak the Ruthless and King Dain of the Dwarven Northern Army.


 Simon with his NZ army was attacking David who was defending with his German army in the Northern Italian village. The NZ forces pushed decisively against the German left flank and although the Germans struck first, the NZ onslaught carried the day. On the other game, we had the US Airborne advancing into Germany against the dug in German Wehrmacht. The US pushed forward well but got bogged down in attacking the Germans rather than trying to outflank them. The battle was tight but the German forces inflicted enough casualties on the US forces to carry the day. Well done Simon for 1st place in the tournament, Martin for 2nd place and Russell for 3rd place.


We also had a great King of War game where King Dains Dwarven Army of the North advanced to stop the invading Goblin Horde under Warmaster Brak. The Goblins charged forward but the Dwarves slaughtered the Goblins in short order...the Goblin troll mercenaries held out well but were eventually surrounded and annihilated by the Dwarven army. Brak the Ruthless ran form the battlefield!

The 30k Horus Heresy game was an intense battle amongst the city ruins...plenty of action and some superb long range sniping with anti tank rockets saw the APC taken out in quick time! A great battle ...although what was captured resembled just a big pile of rubble at the end!

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