Age Of Sigmar

Fantastic fun was had playing our first instalment of the Runesword War, set in the Age of Sigmar.

The game saw the Sylvanethh and Eternals protecting the Woodland Glade against the Goblin horde…

whilst on the other table, forces of Chaos confronted the combined armies of Order in the village of Elhein.

The Goblins saw what they were up against and rapidly transported themselves through the gate to the village and found themselves caught between two vast armies!

In the village, the Chaos Bloodletters found the Mysterium Key in the crypt and held onto it… meanwhile the Seraphon pushed into the village centre only to find the dastardly Ratmen popping out of the sewers behind them.

The Demon Prince was cut down and the Seraphon Leader was brutally killed. A great afternoon playing a fantastic looking set of games.

Part 2 of the Runesword War is to be played next…

Hail Caesar - War Of The Roses

Tonight, saw a great 6mm Wars of the Roses game using Hail Caesar rules. WotR is a firm favourite at the Club. As usual, it was a somewhat bloody battle with the mounted troops causing havoc… but immense fun as always.

Lord Greystoke's newly recruited Lancastrians found themselves ambushed by a slightly smaller force under the Yorkist Lord Clinton by the small village of Squire's Compton. The village garrison itself holds out manfully but attempts to stop the Red Rose faction crossing the Compton Brook to their left results in heavy casualties on both sides.

Hail Caesar - Escape To Aliso

We also had another 6mm game, seeing the Roman legions take on the Germanic tribes… using Hail Caesar of course.

AD9 the day after the Teutoburg Forest massacre of three complete Roman legions sees the survivors trying to flee back to the Aliso garrison through enemy territory.

The fighting was furious and resulting in the Romans being surrounded and mercilessly chopped to pieces.

Another great game.