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WW2 Soviet Assault - 10mm Flames of War

There was an WW2 Eastern Front battle played by Ray, Ron, Simon, and Joe …the encounter saw the Germans holding the town and main routeway being assaulted by a large Russian armoured force. The armour took a pounding and many Russian troops fell…but the Russians managed to scrape a tactical win.

Puerto Cabello, cutting out the Hermione - Sails of Glory

Admiral Sir Hyde Parker sent a squadron of four "5th" rates to retrieve his Majesties property from the Spanish in Puerto Cabello. Orders were to capture the Hermione if possible, or burn her to the waterline. Some dubious captaincies saw one British ships run aground (I dare say the Admiralty would be removing that captain from service!). Some dodgy table top weather also played its part with the British becoming becalmed as they sailed past the shore batteries.  Although the fort was silenced one Frigate was lost and the Hermione was slightly damaged by fire. The Spaniards won the day and a rear Admiral was assigned to a desk at the Admiralty.