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Another fantastic set of games were played at our Club today…


Another nice variety ranging from historical to modern, sci-fi and fantasy.


First game was Armada. This had humans, dwarves and orcs battling it out in a fine range of monstrous ships across the archipelago. A lot of fun and I believe it ended as a hard earned draw. This was played between Martin, Will, George, Mark and Joe.

The second game was a DBA with the tough to beat Romans marching to victory over the Thracians across the shallow rive. A nice game played between Mike and Ian.

The third game was a test run of Core Space - a very nice looking 28mm sci-fi game with great looking scenery. This is surely going to feature at the Club more. Game was played between Nigel and Jean.

The last was a 6mm Chechen War with an added US Marine Expeditionary Force intervention. Lots of air power in use across the board… Russians got shot up quite badly but were always able to strike back on the flip of a coin! Chechens with US support won the day. Andy, Simon, Ray, Steve and David played this.


Overall, a great set of games. Thanks everyone.

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