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28mm Warhammer 40K, 10mm Flames of War, 6mm Pike & Shotte

A fantastic set of games at the Club today... thanks to everyone who came along… it was good to see you all. We had three games of w40k, a Flames of War and a game of Pike and Shotte.

The first 40k game saw a mega slog between T’au and Necrom. A great looking game that was well fought to a tough draw. Amazed to see the extent of the firepower on display …two T’au tanks made an impact but the Necron fought well and contained them.

The 6mm Pike & Shotte game was the Battle of Cropredy Bridge - it saw a large, but inexperienced, Parliamentarian army attempt to ambush a strung out Royalist rear-guard. The impetuous Royalist cavalry charged the Parliament cavalry but came off worse. Thereafter the Royalist army struggled to dominate the battlefield. Eventually one Battalion the Royalist side broke and the Royalist army withdrew. A good win for Parliament.

Another W40k game saw a huge battle between Orks and a Genestealer Cult. Again, some serious metalware on display on both sides. A great looking game.

The FOW game was in 10mm and saw an early WW2 clash between French and Germans across a small river crossing. Some great looking 10mm figures!

And the last game was a massive urban battle between the forces of the imperium and the creatures of Chaos in the ruins of a long-wrecked city. Great looking figures on display and fantastic scenery.

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