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Another fantastic Club session today with the usual display of superbly painted figures all round!

First was another good 6mm Cold War Commander game… Soviets (me and Ray) vs West Germans (Steve and Mark). The Soviets moved quickly at first but then got really bogged down when it came to clearing the town, the West Germans maintained a solid control of the main route through the town, but their armour was slowly pushed back to the outskirts of the town leaving their infantry defending the crossroads. The battle for the town became a tactical fight until the Soviets brought down a concentrated 150mm artillery bombardment which levelled the town. Soviets won but the West Germans were still a force to be reckoned with. Soviets captured a pile of bricks! Great game.

We also had a great 40k game between George and Jacques with some truly massive machines slugging it out. Lots of sparks flying on this one and beautiful miniatures on show. Well done guys.

The Saxons had another outing with the Saga rules - this looks like a cracking skirmish game and is gathering some good support at the Club. A great looking and fun game.

David and Graeme tried out Necromunda playing some introductory games to learn the rules. Simon joined in with a game after beating Martin... Feedback was positive and am looking forward to playing this myself soon.

And we had a tournament Bolt Action game of Germans (Martin) vs New Zealanders (Simon) …. a quick game as the NZ artillery flattened the Germans to a pulp. The Allies push their way further along the Italian peninsular. Fantastic looking game that reflected the vineyards of the Mediterranean.

Thanks everyone… good to see you all today on the first Club meeting in Summer.

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