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A fantastically good game at the Club today - it was a 28mm Napoleonic game using Black Powder rules.

The scenario saw the British trying to link up with their Portuguese allies along the main east-west road, whilst a large French force were going to try and stop them hooking up by intercepting them from the south. The Portuguese had the farm to the far west of the main road…and the British main force was entering along the main road from the east.

The French cavalry brigade started and stormed ahead and secured the crossroads thereby severing the main east-west road - and then the cavalry set up to challenge the main British force coming from the east. The larger two French infantry brigades moved into blocking positions centrally between the British and Portuguese and then positioned to support the French cavalry in pressing against the main British force to the east. The remaining French infantry brigade pushed up to threaten the Portuguese force and attack the farm in the west.

The Portuguese struck first inflicting long range casualties on the French. But the French pushed onwards relentlessly. A level of command indecision resulted in the Portuguese force being slow to get started, which left them held up in the farm for some time…. which allowed the French to take some valuable ground.

The French and British cavalry faced off in some epic battled - they launched charge after charge at each other …the British initially routed a French cavalry regiment only for the French to subsequently do the same to the British - the subsequent routing of a British cavalry unit shocked the brigade so much that another cavalry regiment ran away from the battlefield with another retreating to the rear. This left a massive hole in the British line. Another blunder on the British side mistakenly sent an infantry regiment off the board leaving the British now understrength.

At this point the French infantry and artillery was pressing vigorously against the main British line with the casualties starting to mount up in the British regiments. Although the British fired back a huge weight of musket balls, it was ineffective leaving the French virtually untroubled.

The Portuguese continued to fight on the left but were coming off worse.

With the French controlling the road and the centre of the battlefield, the British main line, with the Highlanders, did a last-ditch attempt to control the battle and charged the French. The disciplined French musketry fire proved decisive though and held the British off, shattering the Highland regiment in the process.

A great game - big thanks to Martin and David for supplying the scenery and figures.


Also, good to welcome Ron to the Club.

A good win for the French, commanded by Generals Forde, Alexandre and El Pereira. The British played well under the command of Major General Howard and was said on the day…for the British it was a “mat too far”!

Great game. Thanks everyone - a thoroughly good day!

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