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A fantastic Club today with some really great games.

We had a large Battletech Alpha Strike clash between large stompy ‘mechs! Great game and some excellent pics courtesy of George. Some inaccurate shooting was in abundance going by the crappy dice throws!

David put his 28mm Crimean War figures on with a great hame between the British and Russians. The British won but the Coldstream Guards had a particularly rough time of it!

We had a 15mm DBA game put on my Mike - I believe they had one “training game” and after that, had time for a proper gloves off clash!

And our last game was a 28mm Spectre Operations SWAT team raid on a cartel compound in Mexico. The law enforcement guys apprehended the head cartel member but lost two officers killed and one in hospital. The cartel gang were eliminated with all guys either killed or arrested. There will be a government enquiry into how that went!

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