Mosquito Strike & Lobositz

Some more great games today at the Club...

Ian’s game was a refight of a WW2 historical encounter in the Bay of Biscay.

In this encounter, a U-boat was running on the surface crossing the shallows in its return to its home port on the French Atlantic coast. The sub was escorted by flak ships and minesweepers with a flight of JU-88s providing aircover. They were ambushed by a strike of RAF mosquitoes. In our game the mosquitoes shot down one of the JU-88s, damaged two of the escort ships and put enough holes in the U-boat to cause it to be abandoned. A great game with some very well painted ships and planes. Simon, Martin and I played the RAF with Ian, Will and Mike playing the Germans.

We had a large 15mm historical game put on by Ray, all looking as good as always...

The Austrians advance guard was surprised by a rapid Prussian advance that immediately charge the defensive line to try and gain a quick victory before the Austrians could organise. The Prussian cavalry was engaged by musketry fire and retreated although one Regt did manage to reach the Austrian lines before being repulsed. As the rest of the reinforcements began to arise for both armies the Prussian advance infantry tried to charge the same target the cavalry chose to charge, this time with more success. Two battalions of Austrian Musketeers broke and ran at the sight of shiny Prussian bayonets. The only this that saved the Austrian army was a gallant mixed battalion of Austrian Grenadiers. As the Prussians withdrew from trying to break the Austrian line the Austrians saw their chance and moved up to within range of the Prussian army and began massed volley fire. This was supported by the Croat light infantry on the hill pouring fire into the Prussian flanks… With daylight fading the Prussians knew their chance of a quick victory was over and a long fight would ensue the following day. Both armies camped on the field of battle after the drawn fight.