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Another great Club session this afternoon with lots of great miniatures on show.

First, we had a 40k grim battle being played out between Chaos, Necrons, T’au and Tyranids. A most complex and bloody affair! But aren't they always!

Then there was a 28mm Bolt Action Germans vs Russians game. This was a very tactical game that was all about cover and positioning …. the Russians narrowly won the day by establishing good fields of fire and keeping the Germans pinned into the village limits. A good game...not a huge casualty count but certainly an interesting game to play.

And our other two games were 28mm Chain of Command games… the first was Late War Fallschirmjager vs US Airborne with the other game being an early war Germans army coming up against early war French. Great looking and great playing games. A massive thanks to Don and Rich (CoC designer) for coming along and putting the games on for us and showing us the ropes on how to play…it was great to see you guys at the Club.

Overall, a good afternoon of gaming. Thanks everyone for coming along.

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