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28mm Black Powder Napoleonics, 28mm Bolt Action, 28mm Warhammer 40K

A great mixture and lively set of games at the Club today. Thanks everyone who came along.

We had a Bolt Action friendly seeing the British come up against some Lithuanian freedom fighters (who were heavily equipped with captured German hardware). A great game with the British pulling off a win. The battle saw the British Cromwell and the Lithuanian Panzer III both immobilised but still firing.

Another Bolt Action game saw Germans vs British in the tournament game. The game was a tight fought game where the threat of the German flank march did enough to wrong foot the British. The game was decided in the last round when the Germans sprang forward and seized the key positions.

We had a Bolt Action tank battle played, which saw three T34’s and an SU-76 face off against a Tiger and two Panzer IVs. The Tiger was taken out quickly with a long-range AP shell to the side armour …the Panzers IVs stayed in column on the road and sniped the SU-76 …seeing it erupt in flames. But the remaining two Panzers were picked off from three sides which didn’t give them much space to manoeuvre.

There was a great w40k game fought on the snowy wastes of a remote planet. Carnage best describes what I saw! The game came to a head in the centre ground of the battlefield…under the eyes of the great statue! A great game with great looking figures.

And our last game was a large Napoleonic battle seeing those fine British face off against the French. The French appeared to stay mostly on the defensive which enabled the British to extract a win.

Great games that all looked superb. Enjoy the pics.

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