WW2 "44 Normandy"

It was Normandy ‘44 at the Club today. An epic 15mm Flames of War game (with our own house rule amendments).

This game saw the Allies attempting to dislodge German Panzer Grenadiers from two villages - a large American parachute company reinforced with Glider troops and supported with Sherman tanks and a tank destroyer team attacking from the north of the main town whilst a strong British armoured force attached west into the smaller village.

The Americans were held up by the sudden appearance of German Panther tanks and 88’s. German MG42’s covered the open fields and chewed up the American 2nd platoon. On the other village, the British stubbornly pushed forward despite formidable German artillery barrages but they reached the outskirts of the village. Lots of tanks on fire on both sides.

A German win as they held their position, despite being heavily outnumbered.

A great game today - Simon, Mike, Steve and Martin were Germans. Ray and Nigel played the Americans with Adam, Jean, Joe and Ian playing the British.

Good game everyone.