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What is the Cheshunt Wargames Club

Cheshunt Wargames Club is a very friendly and easy going wargaming club that meets in Cheshunt on various Sunday's between 2pm and 6pm - located in Hertfordshire, we border on North London and Essex. We are easy to get to and have ample parking right outside the hall we meet in.

We play a huge variety of games and rulesets so there will be something for everyone no matter what your interests, if you have your own figures and want to play or just want to join us to have a go, you'd be welcome to come along.


Amongst the regular games that we play or will be playing are:

  • Bolt Action

  • Flames of War

  • Chain of Command

  • Team Yankee

  • Muskets & Tomahawks

  • Hail Caesar

  • Black Powder

  • Age of Sigmar

  • Warhammer 40k

  • X-wing

  • Cruel Seas

  • Armada

  • SAGA

  • Battletech

  • Sails of Glory

  • Blitzkrieg Commander IV

  • Core Space

There are many more we play, and we are always open to adding others if there's something particular that you are interested in.

We play games that cover ancient history, fantasy and to the far flung galaxies of the future. 


Everything is played for fun and we have no political or religious affiliation whatsoever. We all enjoy the gaming, the model making and painting aspects of the hobby and most of all, we make some great friendships.

So come along and make some new friends.


Meet the team

Cheshunt Wargames Club is operated and run jointly by the Leadership Team which consists of;

Andy Pereira, ​David Howard,  Martin Ford and Simon Alexander








If you'd like to know more about the club, games we play or how you might become a member, please use the contact details and one of the team would be delighted to contact you.









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