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What is the Cheshunt Wargames Club

We are a group of like minded friendly wargamers in Cheshunt (South East Hertfordshire) who play a wide mixture of wargaming, from ancient history through to ultra modern, as well as fantasy, sci-fi and conflict orientated boardgames. Between all the current members we have over 150 years gaming experience.


We meet regularly throughout the year to play games, both big and small. We also regularly attend wargaming conventions and have some in our group who frequently have put on demonstration and participation games at such events. This also means we have a plethora of experience and knowedge in making wargaming scenery and painting figures using multiple painting techniques (airbrush, wet palette &c).


We also all have an avid interest in military history so our get togethers are as much a chance to socialise and chat about history as they are about rolling dice and simulating battles.


If you would like to consider joining us then we'd be delighted to hear from you irrespective of whether you've done this before. We can assure you of a warm and friendly welcome... Having fun is the single most important part of our gaming approach and you'd be welcome to join in on any of the games we put on.


Meet the team

Cheshunt Wargames Club is operated and run jointly by the Leadership Team which consists of;

Andy Pereira

Martin Ford

​Nigel Montford

If you'd like to know more about the club, games we play or how you might become a member, please use the contact details and one of the team would be delighted to contact you.








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