Bolt Action

Here's a list of resources you can use in support of our Bolt Action mini tournament. This will be updated with information to support entries on our facebook page.

All information relates to Bolt Action v2 and it's supporting documents.

Online subsciption library that contains rules, army lists and books etc.

App that generates forces lists and costs

Bolt Action fun tournament

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7th November

Game one is on… The following provides the details of the initial game and who you will be playing on 7th November. If for any reason you cannot play on the 7th of November, you will need to play it on the Club session on 21st November at the latest - any game not played by the end of November will be recorded as a "loss" for the player that cannot attend, and a win for the player that could have played.

A league table will kept for individual players and for Axis and Allied sides. Good luck everyone.

Your army may be up to 1,000 points, the army MUST be based upon the core rulebook only (none of the supplemental books, nor any errata except where the errata pertain to the core rulebook). Everyone should spend a few minutes before each battle to talk your opponent through your points calculation and show what you are fielding (a print off from army builder is recommended). Any forces not in accordance with the core rule book will be removed from the army and may not be substituted on the day.

Andy will need a brief game report Emailed to me on the day of the battle setting out a snapshot of how the game went, who won, and victory points earned by both sides. This will allow Andy to keep accurate scores and write the AARs.

You will also be able to adjust your army list between battles.

Game match ups for 7th November:

Russell (US Airborne) vs Bob F (Germans)

Simon (New Zealand) vs Billy (Germans)

Andy (Russians) vs David (Germans)

Mark (US) vs Martin (Germans)

Game “1” will be played as Scenario no 12: Sectors. You may use whatever scenery you agree between you but try and make it typical or representative of the theatre of operation that you are playing. You are welcome to use any of the Club scenery but do let us know in advance so that we can reserve it for you. As a default, Andy will schedule all these games in for the 7th... If you and your opponent agree to play it on the 21st instead then please do let Andy know so that we can reschedule accordingly.

Any questions, please post up on Facebook.

Good luck everyone.