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Club News & Announcements

26th February 2023

Club announcement


The Club Leadership Team is pleased to confirm that as from 1st May 2023, session fees for those attendees that have paid the annual Club Membership fee will be reduced to only £3. The annual membership fee will remain at £12 per annum and the session fees for non members will also remain at £4 per session.

25th January 2023

Club announcement

To all Club members; We are both excited and delighted to announce that from 1st February 2023 the Cheshunt Wargames Club and North London Wargames Group will formally merge into a single larger unified wargaming club.

This is a really positive move that strengthens the stability and continuing viability of wargaming in the local area.


More importantly, it brings us all together to create a much bigger group of people with whom to enjoy this fantastic hobby of ours, along with having access to an even larger pool of scenery, terrain and gaming mats.

Going forwards, we will continue to be known as Cheshunt Wargames Club. Our website will remain as and our Facebook page will also remain unchanged under the heading of “Cheshunt Wargames Club”.

Club sessions will be held at Burgess Hall in Cheshunt (EN7 5EG) which gives us a private hall, with good free parking. The new Club will continue to meet, twice per month, on Sundays between 2pm and 6pm, and with occasional Friday evenings between 7pm and 10pm.


We have a lot of flexibility at this venue and can add other dates as we see fit. Dates for our Club sessions are listed on the website and are also on a pinned post on our Facebook page, so put these in your diary.

Yearly membership will be £12 then with a £3.50 session fee, or the pay as you go will be just £4 per session but with no membership fee.

The Club leadership comprises;

- Luke Abraham

- Simon Alexander

- Billy Carruthers

- Martin Ford

- Martin Ford

- David Howard

- Hadrian Tulk

- Andy Pereira

We hope that you can appreciate the tremendous advantages of this merger and we look forward to welcoming you at the Club for some exciting games. In the meantime, ensure that you have joined the official Facebook group and meet your new club mates!

23rd October 2022

Well done on Simon winning the Bolt Action tournament...a great win for the NZ army. Congrats to Martin on 2nd place with his Germans and to Russell for bringing in a well-earned 3rd place with his US Airborne troops. Well played David for coming in as 4th place. It was a hard fought tournament so well done also to everyone that took part. And thankyou to RapidTech and Warlord Games for their generous sponsorship of the event - it was a great Bolt Action competition.

16th October 2022

CWC ran its War of the Worlds participation game at SELWG. Martin, Simon, Ray, Andy and Kieran were there as the team running the games. It was a good, busy and lively convention that was well worth attending. 

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