Club News & Announcements

23rd October 2022

Well done on Simon winning the Bolt Action tournament...a great win for the NZ army. Congrats to Martin on 2nd place with his Germans and to Russell for bringing in a well-earned 3rd place with his US Airborne troops. Well played David for coming in as 4th place. It was a hard fought tournament so well done also to everyone that took part. And thankyou to RapidTech and Warlord Games for their generous sponsorship of the event - it was a great Bolt Action competition.

16th October 2022

CWC ran its War of the Worlds participation game at SELWG. Martin, Simon, Ray, Andy and Kieran were there as the team running the games. It was a good, busy and lively convention that was well worth attending. 

12th October 2022

The CWC team is ready for attending SELWG on Sunday 16th Oct at Lea Valley - Martin, Simon, Kieran, David, Ray and Andy will all be there to run the Club's War of the Worlds participation game. Drop by and say hello if you see us...we'd be delighted to meet you.