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Wargame Conventions

This is list of wargame conventions the club has attended


Club Game Played


Hereward - Peterborough 2019

Mosquito Strike "Norway"

633 Squadron

A big Well Done to Cheshunt Wargames Club... We exhibited at the Hereward Wargames Show in Peterborough and won a trophy for our participation game; Mosquito Strike Norway. The game looked great and everyone who played it really enjoyed it. A great new wargames show, very friendly organisers, good crowds and a fun day out! CWC will be attending in 2020.

Geek and Buy - Harlow 2019

Rivet Wars

This is a different kind of wargaming event, not just for boardgamers but open tabletop figure gaming as well. Well organised, plenty of room to move about and a relaxed atmosphere. CWC will be looking to attend next year in support.

SELWG - Crystal Palace 2019

Banff Sqdn.jpg

Fantastic news for Cheshunt Wargames Club today… We attended SELWG down in Crystal Palace and we’re delighted to say that we won the trophy for the “Best Overall Game” of the show. A great result… Even more of an achievement when compared to the quality of the other games on display today.

The convention was well attended and had a fantastic range of high-quality games from Clubs from all over the country; the game played fabulously well and everyone who played thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Cavalier - Tonbridge 2020


Another fantastic result for Cheshunt Wargames Club today at Cavalier 2020… We won the award for Best Participation Game. A great team effort with Simon, Darrell, Mark, Martin, Ian, Will and I running the game - thanks and well-done guys.

Also, a big thank you to all the other clubs that voted for our game and to all the great people we met and who played our game today.

As always, a great show.

SELWG - Lee Valley 2021

SELWG 2021.jpg

After the global events of 2020 and 2021 we finally managed to attend a wargames convention in the UK. Great day out at a new venue the Lee Valley Athletics Centre for the famous SELWG show. Great to meet new faces and refresh old acquaintances. We put on a 6mm demonstration game using Cold War Commander rules to refight a key battle of the French Indochina War of the 1950's.

Campaign - Milton Keynes 2022


In September 2022 a nice convention at Milton Keynes with our War of the Worlds participation game going down well with the public. Lots of games played with young and old alike enjoying our game and talking to us about our Club....the young kids really enjoyed  having a go and blowing everyone and everything up! A great day out for the CWC team.

SELWG - Lee Valley 2022


October 2022 saw us return to the Lee Valley for the annual SELWG wargames convention. We took our War of the Worlds participation game which again played very well and everyone that joined in gave really positive feedback. We played lots of games and were virtually non-stock all day...tiring! Another great convention for the CWC team.

CAMPAIGN - Milton Keynes 2023


May 2023 took us to the Campaign show in Milton Keynes shopping centre. We took our medieval jousting participation game that is based upon Playmobil miniatures. The game was very poular with everyone who played...and of course it caught alot of attention and interest from passing by families.

HEREWARD - Peterborough 2023


September 2023 saw us back at Hereward in Peterborough...this time putting on a jousting participation game with Playmobil miniatures. A great fast paced game with fun for young and old alike. We won the Hereward trophy for Best Participation Game which was great news for CWC.

SELWG - Lee Valley 2023


In October 2023 we again put a game on at Lee Valley for the annual SELWG wargames convention. This time we brought Hoth, a participation game based upon the battle of Hoth in the Empire Strikes Back film. Its a really fun and quick game to play and we had alot of interest - Mums, Dads and kids all enjoyed playing.

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