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Useful Wargaming Resource Links

Listed here are a set of links we as a club find useful to help our hobby i.e. uniform painting guides. Just click on the bold text to open the link

If you'd like to have a link added just email us using the club email address below.

3D printing:

WOWBuilding - WW2, Fantasy, Sci fi & Post Apocalypse Buildings & Vehicles For 3D Printers.


Flight Deck Decals - 1/300 - 1/3000 scales

Skytrex - 1/35 to 1/700 scales



2D6Wargaming - A new range of 1/285 historical figures. Ancients to WW2.

gmbboardgames - A new range of ACW in resin.

Scotia Grendel - Kind of in the middle between 1/285 to 1/300. They also do 28mm as well.


Warflags - Medieval to Modern

Maps: - a great source for campaign and battle maps.

The Map Archive - World History With Unique Thematic Maps.

Painting Guides:

AGTOM.EU - a guide to painting WW2 German tanks. - a good guide for camouflage colours. - technical details relating to WW2 German tanks.

Tank Encylopedia - an encyclopaedia of tanks with colour schemes.

Wings Palette - good for aircraft paint schemes.


Baccus 6mm - Napoleonic Uniforms Guide.

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